How to Publish Websites on


You can create your own websites and host it on for FREE.

A default website is automatically created for PAID members

Users registered with trustable email addresses are TRUE Members on DriveHQ. Members with non-trustable email addresses are FREE Members. FREE members cannot publish websites, unless they subscribe to our paid service.

A trustable email address is like your company email address. Free emails such as hotmail, yahoo, gmail or ISP emails are non-trustable. If you have registered your account with a non-trustable email address, you can change it to a "trustable" email address by logging on, clicking on "My Account" and then enter the new email address. You should check your email if it requires confirmation. As usual, please check your bulk/junk mail folder if needed.

Your website is accessible at:    Or
 (change "USERNAME" to your real username).

How to update your website

Files stored in the \wwwhome folder or its subfolders are accessible with the following URL:

The default document is home.htm. If you need to change the website, all you need is to upload your own HTML files and image files to the \wwwhome folder or its subfolders. You might need to update the URL references.



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